Hey there! I created a tumblr in an attempt to try to organize and keep track of my daily life...so I won't forget you know? I'm a lover of Liverpool F.C, my dream is to play there. Such an impossible dream, but I won't stop believing/trying/fighting. i love my girlfriend sydnie.   NATIONALS IN DECEMBER!




Gerrard asked today on how he felt after his slip against Chelsea.

Gerrard: “You are a brave man asking this question. How do you think it was? You tell me.”

Journalist: “It must have been the worst day of your life.”

Gerrard: “There’s your answer. It was a slip. That’s why it was cruel. I…


"According to current odds, United are more likely to finish ahead of Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton in the League." Basically, they’re third in terms of favourites to win the league over four teams that finished ahead of them last year




when Bond and Powers are your teams fans, nothing can go wrong

30.07.2014 - 59’ Henderson goal vs MCFC | ICC2014


These are the children we have entrusted with our hopes and dreams


Welcome the two new LFC signings! Dejan Lovren and Divock Origi! Two great signings by BR and let’s hope it continues YNWA